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Our Services

We can repair any refractory lining large or small.  We provide all types of refractory repair, installation and related services on Boilers, Ovens, Furnaces, Incinerators using various refractory materials like firebrick, ramming mixes, castables, gunnite mixes, ceramic blankets and boards.


  • Boilers: Fire Tube, Fluid Bed, Water Tube, Fire Box, Field Erected             

  • Rotary Kilns: Calcining, Cement, Lightweight Aggregate, Limestone

  • Industrial Furnaces: Annealing, Carbon Baking, Car-Type, Dryers, Forge, Glass, Gypsum, Holding, Melting, Multiple Hearth, Reverberatory, Rotary Hearth, Shaft, Stres, Relieving, Tunnel Kilns

  • Guniting: Ash Hoppers, Boilers, Breechings, Coal Bunkers, Concrete Structures, Kiln Hoods, Regenerators, Slaghoppers, Stacks            

  • Incinerators: Industrial, Municipal, Pathological

  • Tank Linings:  Hot Water, Condensate Tank Linings

Pressure Washing/Cleaning

Removal of dirt build up on buildings to cleaning process area floors, we wash it all. 

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