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Fitch Contracting Services proudly serves the Maryland and surrounding areas; we are your resource for facilities maintenance and more.
Our Services include:

• Refractory Installations
          Gunite, Castables, Poundables, High Temp. Insulation

• Furnaces, Ovens, Dryers, Incinerators, Boilers, Kilns

• Brick, Block, Masonry

• Concrete Installations and Repairs

• Floor Coating

• Acid Resistant Coatings
• Cleaning Services

• Pressure Washing

• Carpentry

• General Labor Needs


Boilers, ovens, furnaces, incinerators, and dryers. 

Refractory materials used- Firebrick, ramming mixes, castables, gunnite mixes, ceramic blankets and boards. 

We can repair any refractory lining large or small. 

Our Work

Check out some of our latest work and see what we can do for you.


Brick, block or tile installations or repairs large or small. Restoration work on older 

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